Digital Wallet

It is 2016 and no longer does it require a crystal ball to see the trends and obvious evolution towards “Mobile Money”. Few could have predicted the rapid increase in capability, capacity and more importantly, popularity of the “mobile phone”. For over a century a phone was an impressive invention, but served a single function. In the 70’s faxing for business extended the capabilities of the phone and then again in the 80’s with computer modem. Then the “wire” was cut and the first (popular) cell phones arrived in the mid 80’s. The first “cell phones” served the same purpose as the original device; connect two people into a conversation.

Today, the mobile phone is the most indispensable item carried by anyone over the age of 12. In developing countries, the mobile phone is quite literally a lifeline. The capabilities, capacity and most important, adoption of mobile phone technology is unprecedented in history. To date, there are an estimated 5 Billion mobile subscribers, worldwide. That translates to over 67% of the world’s population that have a mobile phone. There are of course a number of factors contributing to the mobile phones adoption, but at the core, is simply the ability to do more with the device. Texting, taking pictures, checking scores, instant messaging, checking bank balances, watching videos and so much more; has made the mobile device indispensable.

At the leading edge of the Mobile Payments Revolution

With the mobile phone infrastructure in place and growing every day, it may have been a stretch (at the time), but the vision came into focus in 2007 to take on the “Holy Grail” of mobile applications - Money.

Established in 2002 EM Quantum Technologies Inc (Digital Wallet) was founded to develop the technology and business methodology that would allow secure financial transactions to take place on “any” mobile phone on "any" carrier/provider network through "any" banking infrastructure. We have today, the capability to transform any mobile phone into a safe, secure and convenient device that would allow the users to send money, receive money, pay for goods and services, both online and offline, anytime and anywhere.

Key Digital Wallet facts:

  • Not tied to the cell phone device, works on any type of cell phone, as long as it accepts SMS messaging
  • Not tied to the Phone Company or carrier, works with any carrier, world-wide (Telco Agnostic)
  • Not tied to a Bank or particular financial institution
  • Not tied to a particular currency
  • Only tied to the User’s Digital Wallet account and his/her cell phone number
  • Our revenue model is built around transaction fees paid by Merchants, Consumers and by Mobile Marketing
  • The Digital Wallet Concept, Process and certain key Technologies are protected by several Patents (pending) filed a few years back)