Work Is Never Done

  • EM Quantum Technology
Unlike Homo sapiens, drones can work tirelessly to perform tasks that were otherwise left to the frailties of humans. For example, in the great state of Maine drones are being used to monitor almost anything you can imagine - from assessing farmers’ crops and automobile accidents to locating fire hot spots and missing persons. The Australian coastline along the Queensland Cape York Peninsula is home to the country’s largest population of sea turtles. To protect these treasured creatures, they are using drones to monitor nesting sites and protect the next generation of turtles. The drones also minimize danger by locating salt water crocodiles before game wardens move into the area to secure the turtle nesting site.

Most countries have followed suit and embraced this new technology for similar reasons. With the acceptance of drone use comes a worldwide transformation of labor. Jobs will be lost but new ones will arise as well. Someone has to monitor and pilot these drones, so it will not be a total loss. We may become completely obsolete at some point in the future, however many believe that humankind would be given the opportunity to pursue other interests. This past year, one of the world’s greatest minds, Stephen Hawking, passed away. He once stated that “work gives us purpose.” In writing this blog, the feeling of motivation comes to mind. Will we still have desire and aspiration? We all need purpose. We marvel at our ingenuity never realizing the end result. It’s our nature to pursue the UN-pursuable.