Will workers embrace automation?

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Machines, automation and artificial intelligence will be the newest recruits to the workforce, bringing new skills to help people do new jobs, and reinventing what’s possible. Some 63 per cent of workers across the globe do not believe that automation is a threat, even if it’s ever capable of doing their entire job.

The majority of workers remain positive that automation will never be able to replace them completely despite the fact a 2013 Oxford study estimated that almost half (47 per cent) of US roles will become automated in the next 20 years, reports marketwatch.com. Far from killing jobs and creating a dehumanized future, pioneering companies are using intelligent automation to drive a new—and much more productive—relationship between people and machines.

On the other side of the equation some believe that automation will eventually destroy the work force. Automation will surround us in the workplace and at home. Smart houses are becoming more and more popular. We are already familiar with technology that can lock your doors for you, turn on the sprinklers, adjust the thermostat and vacuum your carpet. Many large corporation such as car manufactures have had machines doing workers jobs for years.

Businesses are all investing in some type of automation. Venture Capital Investment increase by 20% per year over the next 5 years and our investing in startups at a rapid pace. Before the century comes to a close, 70 percent of workers and occupations will be replaced with automation.