Under Water Robotics

  • EM Quantum Technology
The January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show had some unconventional drones and robotics attending this year. To be frank, some of the latest hardware to soon hit your local retail outlets is astonishing. Our cold blooded scaly friends in the sea haven’t a prayer with the newest underwater intelligence agent, the power ranger of the deep. It’s a drone capable of submerging up to 98 feet, which can stay down up to four hours, take video and images with its integrated 4K camera and transmit them back to the surface via Wi-Fi to your mobile device. Entirely app controlled, it’s your eyes and ears to the abyss. With this new unmanned underwater vehicle, finding limbless vertebrate with gills is like shooting fish in a BARREL!
What we just described wasn’t the only fin-less wonder at the yearly gathering; many similar underwater drones were also featured. Still in its infancy stages, underwater drones are primarily a novelty item, but as with all new concepts, the possibilities are endless. At the moment the typical oceanographer uses an immense and expensive drone to do their exploring but research, photography, exploration and rescue capabilities are advancing rapidly.
Don’t despair anglers - grab your gear, charge your electronics and take advantage of the latest in fish locators. Map the watery landscape and check the temperature of the blue depths; find them, catch them and, well, you get the idea. It sounds like fun, but it doesn’t seem fair. The only real anglers left will be those fishing in the miles of coding - the hunters searching for the latest and greatest software concepts to run the hardware. Here at EMQU we still choose to hunt for our slippery friends the old-fashioned way…it’s more sporting. Robotics is the future clearly every being will encounter them in the not so distant future.