Trageting Systems

  • EM Quantum Technology
EM Quantum Technologies Inc. (EMQU:OTC US) is excited to announce that they have assembled a team to develop software specific to drone targeting systems. This new focus will complement its existing software development business.

Targeting systems are not new - they have been used in a wide range of military applications since the 19th century. Their objective was to get a target in range from a fixed position and focus munition at the specific target with the maximum possible accuracy, just like modern drone targeting systems. EM Quantum Technologies Inc. believes that there is significant appeal for drone targeting system development for civilian drones, an unsaturated market with tremendous growth potential.

Drone targeting systems have a wide range of applications for both commercial and amateur use. These include a versatile scope ranging from photography to surveillance and mapping. New areas being explored include farming, archaeology, medical emergencies, and package, mail and even food delivery. Existing software barely scratches the surface of drone technology’s massive potential. The Company will be unveiling more details over the coming months about its plans to further penetrate this lucrative market.