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This past month two drugs made headlines, Nerlynx and Tisagenlecleucel. Nerlynx was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Tisagenlecleucel was recommended for approval by the advisory board of the FDA. Both are groundbreaking drugs in their own right and have potential for cures for other diseases. Nerlynx treats early-stage breast cancer, and is administered post-surgery to prevent the cancer from returning. Tisagenlecleucel is a gene therapy drug that enables patients' own immune cells to recognize and kill the source of the cancer: a different immune cell that has gone rogue. Tisagenlecleucel may be the next major leap in the fight against cancer and many other diseases that plague the human race.

Your first reaction might be “what a great breakthrough”, others may ask how did we get here? Most of the advances we have had over the last 30 years were due in part to software. We would have never broken the gene code if it were not for software. There are several billion strands of DNA and it would take a hundred years to read them. ArterioVision software initially developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory along with a standardized, painless, non-invasive ultrasound examination of the carotid artery that detects early heart disease. Without software and the power of technology that drives it, mankind would be at a standstill in scientific evolution. Instead we are moving and accelerating at a faster pace than we realize. Look out cancer!

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