Tech Police

  • EM Quantum Technology
Cyber Security has become a major priority of world governments. Last week the leaders of 20 countries assembled for the G20 summit to discuss important issues pertaining to the global economy. Many set their sights on protesting a myriad of different philosophies for social issues and some stated that it's an obsolete organization. But the G20 is also a meet and greet for the major players in the world, and topics ranged from trade deals to conflicts between nations and the protection of their sovereignty. For many countries a crucial talking point was cyber security, and how to best protect themselves. This has been a familiar topic since November, 2016 with many accusing the Russian government of meddling in the U.S. Presidential election.

After the conclusion of the G20 summit the United States immediately took action, removing Kaspersky software from US government agencies and banning them from purchasing their product. Kaspersky distributes anti-virus software and is widely accepted in the U.S. However, the feeling is that the Russian government is too closely connected to the Kaspersky Lab, and it may be used in a nefarious manner by their security agencies. More concrete actions are likely to follow as governments have increasing anxiety over their national security. It was surely a topic for every emissary who attended. As more and more companies move into the cyber world, security is becoming the first hurdle to building any software or related product. It’s a paramount issue even during the dog days of summer.