The Tech Gold Rush

That’s what the last 30 years have been like the Gold Rush of 1849. Developers are clamoring to build the newer the better the latest of any new concept that comes along, the Drone market included. The only difference is that Drone companies won’t be selling any drones. The evolution begins with software and the Cloud. Bringing software and the Cloud together has created another boom (within the already long lasting tech boom that’s been going on for 30 years.

And as the emerging market for commercial drones takes shape, a number of new companies plan to earn profits by developing software and services for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), rather than focusing just on the hardware. Actually that’s not an unusual trend, like most new ideas being the leader does always mean success.

Combining the software innovations with the Cloud will give birth to some great concepts. What if a software concept (as a service solution) designed to manage fleets of drones from the Cloud.

Software isn’t just about using the cloud to manage interactions with the physical environment, it’s also about using the cloud to optimize tasks and offload data in real time. Communication with the cloud enables real time transmission of imagery, and other sensory data to services like DropBox then share that as a collective or team in different parts of the world.

Markets are starving for new technology because no one has imagined or pinpointed the number of possibilities for Drones, Software and the Cloud. So enjoy the Gold Rush, or, should it be - the Tech Rush.

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