Software is truly the Next Dominant Market Factor

Our future is in the hands of software. There is not one sector of the world’s economy or population that will not benefit in some way from software development. Microsoft predicted recently that they will cure cancer in the next ten years. Just this week, a research team from the United States and Canada announced that they have developed and successfully tested new software that determines whether a human DNA sample includes a link to cancer and other adverse health conditions. Software can now determine how your food is genetically mapped, and how to create a faster growing, healthier and more resistant product. Try to wrap your neurons around what 3D printing can do already: making organs, manufacture parts, even preparing a meal. You need a new jaw bone, get out your 3D printer. Whether it’s advances in transportation, security, medicine or agriculture, none of these are possible without the ever-present software.
  At this stage, the importance of hardware technology takes a close second to the software that runs it. The market is so vast that it’s like throwing a penny into the Grand Canyon and expecting it to make an impact. According to recent Gartner report, the Global Cloud Computing Market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 27.5% over the next decade and will reach approximately $1,250 billion by 2025. The Motley Fool estimates that the new administration for the US government will add $1.6 trillion to their infrastructure plan which in turn could double the technology market. Investors are taking notice of the software market with unprecedented investment in new software startups across the globe, so make adequate space for software concepts you can add to your portfolio.