Sniper Drones

  • EM Quantum Technology

A sniper drone can be a very effective weapon - it has stealth, mobility and precision. Recently released information about the Israeli military using a drone armed with a sniper rifle gave way to the first sniper drone operated by human control. Duke Robotics was founded in 2015 by a group of ex-military veterans from the Israeli Defense Forces, with the goal of reducing casualties. The company is now recognized as a leader in sniper drone technology.<br>

By not deploying soldiers into enemy territory and using a sniper drone, there is a much lower risk of casualties. Using a sniper drone to complete a desired mission also reduces the risk of hurting and killing innocent civilians. The technology in the last two years has brought great accuracy with a special uniqueness. It does not compete with other weaponized drones like the U.S. military’s Predator, which causes widespread destruction and indiscriminate death. These new sniper drones can also absorb recoil and correct its flight pattern after firing, which has been an obstacle for many developers. With these advancements in technology, human life becomes less of barrier to the military, police, firefighters and first responders. Maybe the time will come for conflict between robots, but that’s a long way from today.