Secret Identity

  • EM Quantum Technology
Regardless of your age, sex, the colour of your skin or your net worth, it can happen anywhere, anytime and is on the rise in every corner of the world. Recent studies show that identity theft is reaching epic proportions and thieves are finding more ways to steal your identity every day. The latest scam can be found in your local post office. The bad guys need only to pick up a change of address form, forward your mail to a post office box and voila! They have all the pertinent information about your identity and from there they can clean out your accounts. Sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it?

The clever ones don’t go for the gold at first. The latest angle is to use your information to establish credit with companies that don’t actively report to credit bureaus. This enables the fraudsters to continue syphoning funds for a long period of time undetected. Your credit service won’t reflect any of this activity until one day it goes to collections, at which point it’s too late and the damage is done. It’s estimated that 1 in 15 U.S. citizens were victims of credit card fraud in 2017, up from 1 in 20 during 2016. BBC did a study in 2015 that predicted an increase of 30% a year in identity theft for the next 5 years. If this all sounds dire, don’t give up hope. The digital age is thriving and we are coming up with new ways to fight back.