Remote Control

  • EM Quantum Technology
In the early 1980’s, the first modern on-board computer made its debut with a small number of automobile installations. Earlier attempts included one designed by BMW in 1939 which was used in vehicles and aircraft. However, it was crude, never perfected and had extreme mishaps that would have had disastrous consequences. The modern day on-board computer is called the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and many of its successors have enhanced the industry improving both performance and comfort. This new device was initially designed to run cars more efficiently by regulating fuel flow, monitoring ignition timing and a few other sensors. Today there has been a dramatic change in ECU’s, with multiple ancillary modules that include microprocessors, CPUs, memory and a vast array of firmware (permanent software), all designed to control and regulate in real time.

There is essentially no difference between your auto’s on-board computer and your laptop or smart phone, which leads to an underestimated problem that plagues our society. Hacking. While hacking a computer to steal personal financial information can create serious problems, hacking an automobile computer can have life or death ramifications. All cars built today come equipped with complete control of your ignition, acceleration, locking, windows, A/C, radio, tire pressure, most engine sensors, Bluetooth and some even with a limited ability to steer, now that automatic parking is on the market. In the wrong hands these are dark waters and the car companies are not addressing the matter. It would cost the auto industry billions to deal with this quandary and drive some out of business. Yes, there is already a large market for stealing cars, but this is a more vexing problem. For the nefarious it’s a new frontier. For the unsuspecting this is a new and disturbing issue - do we control the technology or does someone else. Security is our main concern at EM Quantum Technologies - EMQU.