Police Protection

  • EM Quantum Technology
The latest stir amongst crime fighting today is protection of the population. The future is much different than it was portrayed to be, and pales in comparison to the classic novel by George Orwell and his utopian vision where all have no free will and where fear is replaced by personal liberty. Crime technology is evolving with cameras, facial recognition and other weaponry that leave little room for negotiation, leaving many feeling powerless and at its mercy. Sounds terrifying but is there a choice? Shall we allow unmanned drones to hover over us like guardians, only allowing what its programming permits or do we live in constant fear? Police also have many questions, risking life and limb daily performing their mission.

Recently in Las Vegas, 59 people were killed by a lone gunman and last week in an Egyptian mosque over 300 were killed. Could these have been prevented by armies of police drones? In retrospect, no one can answer that. The paramount question we all need to ask as custodians of the planet is do we want to place the human race in the hands of machines? On the flip side, will we benefit from this advancement and could we have greater safety without fear of losing our autonomy? From where we are today, technology is moving faster and faster. Again in retrospect, people first thought that the world was flat and brave explorers challenged the thinking of the times, wanting to go to the very edge of the world. These explorers were rewarded with new gifts and many would benefit from the risks that were taken by the few. Looking forward, do we bravely embrace these new technologies? Is there really nothing to fear?