Pick Your Spot

  • EM Quantum Technology
Investors may be disillusioned by the lackluster performance of the software sector, but before you search elsewhere for financial winners you might want to take another look through that old goldmine. You might find a vein leading to a mother lode that others have overlooked.  The top 100 software companies are expecting less than 2% growth rates over the next ten years, which is unattractive to most investors, but there are hidden gems if you know where to look. One place to find them is the drone market, which is predicted to grow by 20-28% over the same period - quite a stark contrast. But even for an avid risk taker, you must define exactly what you are investing in.

There are two segments of the drone market: the hardware sector and the software sector. It’s clear that the hardware sector has achieved its potential for technological development and at present there is limited room for advancement. Without some new aeronautical or futuristic innovation, like an anti-gravity drive train, we have probably seen the limits to the present applications of the drone. On the other hand, the software sector is wide open and with no ceiling in sight. Software has always been an anomaly in the market, since there’s no limit to what can be developed. Unlike hardware, a new approach or implementation can always be discovered. For investors in this sector, two good rules are to always do your own research, and don’t fear new ideas. Just because you’ve never heard of something it doesn’t mean it has a lower probability of success. EMQU - Em Quantum Technologies is excited to participate in this segment of the market.