Pest Control

  • EM Quantum Technology
Sitting on your back deck, reading your morning paper or checking your Twitter account with your favorite morning beverage, you feel safe, secure and at peace in your own domain. Then you hear a singular high pitched sound coming closer and becoming more pronounced, like a blender at ultra-high speed. You finally spot it and it’s a drone and you wonder, why it is hovering over your backyard. If you haven’t had this occur yet, chances are you will soon. Anyone who hasn’t been living on an island or in a cave knows that drones come equipped with very extensive and sophisticated camera technology, zoom and wide angle capabilities. As drones have become widely available, the darker side of drone use has been emerging. People are finding new ways to use them for nefarious purposes like spying on neighbors, hovering over sports stadiums, government areas or corporations, smuggling contraband across borders and into prison yards, and turning the aerial robots into weapons. Drone crashes also put people and property in harm’s way.
With every need comes new technologies. Many companies are currently pursuing defensive systems to prevent unwanted drones from invading private airspace. Adding drones with radar detection, Kevlar nets and smart prediction analysis, defense drones can take out trespassing drones with great precision. Except for one low tech system which has already been employed using birds of prey, there are no other options for defense against spying drones. In the years to come we will become familiar with the term “drone hunters”. It may be the next household necessity!