Not Invincible

  • EM Quantum Technology
Drone technology is advancing in leaps and bounds but so are many other technologies. One such technology that is on the move is laser tech. Lockheed Martin just revealed their next high tech weapon named the ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset). This state of the art, futuristic, imperceptible beast inflicts maximum harm without the collateral damage for a much lower cost. Compared to the Patriot guided missile at $200,000 per launch, Lockheed Martin claims that each Laser firing costs less than a dollar. Instantaneous, silent, undetectable, long range and deadly.

Having the ability to disable a vehicle from miles away without anyone being killed is preferable to the current mushrooming tactics now being employed. Furthermore, given the possibility of these two separate technologies merging together, running would not be an option. It would certainly make for an intimidating and pugnacious machine! The current known technologies also have tremendous ancillary effects causing wide range devastation. Less damage, less cost, less death…new technology is the way to go.