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Seldom do we advance in society without political or bureaucratic interference, whether in the business, industrial, technological or medical sector. Especially in litigious societies like the United States, rapid advancements tend to be accompanied by increased regulation and tort reform. The increasing use of drones in daily life and the emergence of self-driving cars will have huge implications in the realm of personal injury law. When people and technology intersect, accidents happen. It’s an ambulance chaser’s dream. Going forward, people owning and operating drones, whether for personal or commercial use, are going to have to be licensed and insured.

As of now, there are no laws on the books for licensing and insuring drones or their operators, but this is inevitable. The personal drone is one of the fastest growing consumer products, with projected sales estimates over the next ten years reaching between $10 and 25 billion. It’s impossible to be more accurate with sales predictions given the amount of new applications and products coming on the market every day. For the present time, drone users should enjoy their current freedom, and make the most of this window of opportunity to use their state-of-the-art technology when and how they want. EMQU EM Quantum Technologies