Go Navy!

  • EM Quantum Technology
The Navy has just added another weapon to their already robust arsenal with a full complement of drones, both ones already in use and new ones on the drawing broad. Drones have many applications for the Navy - under water, on the water, above the water and in space - every possible area is the domain of the Navy. Very few details are known about the latest project since it’s classified from stem to stern. The dimensions of the vessel are unknown, other than its large enough to hold a 40 foot long container.

There is no flight deck and no way for anyone to board the vessel. There is no self-defense package, and no details about the type of camouflage, if any. All that is known is that it has the ability to operate for a period of 90 days without any human intervention, to unman harbor pilotage, refuel itself at sea and has autonomous navigation, including route planning, avoiding objects and maneuvering in accordance with any obstacles it encounters. That doesn’t say much. The latest assessments are that if this craft is after you, you will never know what hit you! This new class of drone is one of several that the Navy are commissioning in various sizes and with very distinct missions.