Game of Chess?

  • EM Quantum Technology
It’s been a part of popular culture for over a hundred years, since H.G. Wells wrote stories of time travel and advancements in science and technology. Now we are on the precipice of an evolution that mankind may not be ready for. Multiple software projects are in the works to create artificial intelligence (AI). The race to manufacturer synthetic human AI is very real and closer than we can imagine. There are over a hundred well financed software developers building various versions of the mammalian thought process. The complexities and competitive arena of companies striving to be the first is astonishing. Some of us may remember the first simulated intelligence which was inspired by the game of checkers and later chess. The program, using open and closed circuit methodology, would draw from a set pool of outcomes to challenge the amateur player. This man vs. machine contest was primitive by today’s standards.

In the next ten years technology will be over a thousand times more advanced. Believing that number defies how we think today and contemplating ourselves as a species accelerating at such velocity is mind boggling. What will our transportation be like? How will we communicate? Where will our food come from? What will science have accomplished?

Knowledge, reasoning, and motion are all factors in creating the perfect imitation of a human being’s amazing abilities. Combining and engineering these key features will probably be one of our pinnacle achievements, and could be both the end of man’s quest to conquer nature and the beginning of AI’s voyage. Too philosophical for some or maybe most, but we will sit, wait and watch as the future will unfold. We all have one big question with no answer in sight – where will we fit in?