Fast and Faster!

EM Quantum Technologies looks at software growth in exponential rather than linear terms. At the rate and speed that software development is evolving, it’s outdated before it’s completed. 
This is called “exponential growth” and was theorized by Raymond Kurzweil, PhD in his book Singularity is Near. The theory is that if you take 30 steps linearly those same steps taken exponentially will get you to a billion, which is probably the best way to describe how fast technology 
is advancing.<br>

Software is also becoming increasingly accessible to the lay person. Many will be able to create software with no understanding of what it took to get there. Does software become a matter of dragging, dropping and hooking up components and widgets? Maybe! <br>

Even as software becomes increasingly accessible, the need for professional developers to write customized software will never disappear. Software solves problems in a world where problems are becoming more complex. In order to solve problems, we first need a logical way to define them. We may see even more high-level programming languages in the future, but we will still need people to think about app details and code their logic using whatever tools will be popular in the future. Thankfully for EM Quantum Technologies, there will be an ongoing need for software developers who are able to express problems with enough precision for a computer to solve them. As the use of technology grows, the demand for developers will continue to expand, and some level of development will become an expected part of more and more jobs.
Software solves problems. Unless problems go away!<br>