Drones Integrating with Sports

  • EM Quantum Technology
Technology is no stranger to sports and has recently received official clearance to join forces with America’s favorite pastime. The National Football League has become the first major sport to get FAA permission to film using drones, although this comes with several restrictions. For instance, drone pilots must submit a written flight plan three days prior to filming, and maintain a drone speed of less than 100 miles per hour. While non-military drones provide stunning aerial footage that is used to entertain fans and craft promotional videos, they have many practical applications especially for less mainstream sporting events. Drone technology gathers intelligence for analytics that cannot be gleaned from traditional video technology.
The use of drone footage to gather information and data – instead of just images – is catching on with college football programs and other sports as well. The PGA Tour uses drones and is considering using them to take video of all its courses and they were used to cover the snowboarding competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Drones are particularly useful in filming extreme winter sports, as well as Formula One races, surfing and other water sports. International sports fans will be familiar with drone footage from cricket matches in Australia and soccer games in Brazil. Drone and sport integration is a global phenomenon.
Most recently, drones were used to enhance Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super bowl halftime show. But the dazzling drone sequence that kicked off Lady Gaga’s glittery performance at Houston’s NRG Stadium was not actually live. The FAA declared the airspace anywhere within 35 miles of the stadium a “no drone zone”, so the synchronized drone display was reportedly taped the previous week...So much for live entertainment at America’s greatest televised attraction! Less entertainment and more football will do just fine for my taste…There is a growing need for better filming with drones and EM Quantum Technology is taking note.