Drone Racing

  • EM Quantum Technology
People have been fascinated with racing since man discovered he could travel beyond his or her own two legs. Today forget about the running and leaping about, people want heart pounding speed. The first example was likely horse racing, but it could have been any animal that man could ride. Add the element of danger, the possibility of being stampeded by the very animals you’re riding, and people will line up to watch. Yes, to watch in anticipation of the very prospect of witnessing someone or something being trampled and smashed to an unidentifiable mass. Wow, the chariot races must have been electrifying during its day; have you ever seen the film Ben-Hur? As we have evolved and made advancements in technology, we now enjoy a plethora of various spectator racing contests. Let me run the gamut: horse racing, camel racing, greyhound racing, dog sled racing, pigeon racing, ostrich racing, snail racing (I don’t get this one), car, motorcycle, airplane racing, boat racing, snowmobile and jet ski racing, to name a few. Now the latest extreme sport is drone racing – what?!
If it’s true that audiences go to car races to see a $250,000 high performance state-of-the-art racing machine hit the wall at 190 mph, then how does flying a piece of plastic that’s less than a foot in circumference at 85 mph seem extreme? While drone racing is not yet an established spectator sport, for the pilot these high tech beasts are extreme. Pilots wear goggles that receive transmissions from the drone that simulate the sensation of actually flying. The sensations are so life-like that pilots can’t operate standing up; they have to be seated to prevent them from moving around and being drawn into the experience. Drone racing venues can be an empty warehouse, an arena, or anyplace, really. Right now the experience of drone racing is limited to the wearers of the goggles, however, the experience is not limited to the pilot. Others can experience what it’s like to feel the visceral intensity of racing drones. Miami Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross has invested $1 million in first round funding through his investment firm, RSE Ventures, for The Drone Racing League, a New York startup. Although not ready for large audiences, racing is racing and there is a high level of interest. EM Quantum will be watching for any new updates. If the meek do not inherit the earth, the nerds certainly will!