Drone Consciousness

  • EM Quantum Technology
Recently North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald J Trump had discussions about denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. The consensus seems to be that it was a successful meeting, with both parties set to make history. What led to this auspicious occasion was nothing short of intense muscle flexing. The general opinion is that Chairman Jong-un spent many sleepless nights wondering what was flying overhead. Without question, North Korea knew very well that the U.S. had full advantage with its arsenal of high-tech ordinance.

At a cost of $222.7 million per unit, with a top speed of 391 MPH, a 14,000 mile range, 32 hour endurance, 65,000 foot ceiling, zero on-board crew,130 foot wing span, weighing 32,000 lbs and maybe having nuclear capabilities…yes, the drone of all drones, the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk. With this level of intelligence, they likely know how much change you have in your pocket. Equipped with the latest laser optics, laser imagery, laser warning and detection systems, this drone can fly into areas with the confidence of anonymity and self-preservation. According to the military, it is mainly used in an intelligence gathering capability, for military operations support and better weapon targeting.

The Global Hawk Drone is operated by a ground crew of 3: a launch and recovery pilot, a mission control pilot and a sensor operator. Even without the crew, this machine can execute any military operation without human intervention once it has been programmed with its task. The next generation will be in active service within 2 years, if it is not already, with many times the capability. The implications of such precision would rattle anyone, with thoughts of a laser target on your forehead as you sleep. Although in reality that is not included in the long list of what the Global Hawk can do.