An Apple a Day

  • EM Quantum Technology
Apple risks it all when it comes to updates. Their latest success, the iPhone X, made a solid dent in total worldwide smartphone revenue. You could ask who buys a $1,000 handheld chunk of technical goo which at best is not much different than the last version that was released. And with every release an increase in cost comes along with it. Why? When a new version comes out they’re marketing it to a limited audience – the techies and the people who can dish out a $1,000 on a whim.

A brand new iPhone 7 is half the price that it once was, it has the same great qualities as its predecessors and its successors. It has text messaging, voice and memory as do the newer models. So why the stampede? Maybe it’s just our nature to want a new shiny bauble. Do you think that one day those who stand in line for 3 days will wise up? No, never going to happen. It’s like being a Star Trek fan - it’s just how some people are wired. So in the end Apple keeps perpetuating the newest, latest and greatest which keeps the bottom line up and their shareholders happy. Technology is amazing! EMQU - EM Quantum Technology