Air Patrol

  • EM Quantum Technology

The recent fires in California brought major devastation to many who live there. The state is not new to such misfortunes and as a matter of fact they’ve been a regular hindrance since the first settlers. Drone technology could be the answer.<br>

<br>Drone technology is useful for preventing and combating disasters as well as restoring damaged areas. The protocol should be to first determine which sectors are most vulnerable to fires and floods. Drone technology is ideal for mapping and providing information necessary to determine zones that should be designated as predisposed to catastrophe. This knowledge can be used to prevent reckless development and avoid cataclysm.<br>

<br>When fires do occur, fighting them is a different challenge altogether given the sheer size and density of these areas. Drones help firefighters by giving them instant feedback of what’s happening on the ground, so they can fight back and prevent it from spreading. Tracking fires and locating hotspots gives the fighters an edge confronting the blaze. Of course, rescuing missing, stranded and injured people is the number one reason for using drones. Locating people in a hot zone can be difficult for first responders and rescue dogs, but with infrared equipped drones it’s much more efficient. The big takeaway here is that development in all of these areas should be seriously considered.